Learn saying ‘No’ to others with this anecdote!

It was quite a little interaction I had with that unknown woman, but the impression she made in my mind was indelible. Each word of hers penetrated into my ears like a drill and left a formidable imprint on me.

This incident happened when I was coming back to my hometown by train. I was trolling my luggage into one of the train’s bogey. The luggage included two full-packed large-size bags and one shoulder bag. This caused too much strain and pressure on me and I got badly exhausted. When I entered one of the train’s bogeys where my seat was reserved, I encountered an erratic man. That man asked me to shift his seat from mine. I was extremely exhausted after the long journey from my temporary home to the railway station, so I couldn’t able to think properly. I just needed a little bit of rest before thinking about something. I asked him to wait for a while, but the man annoyingly pecked on my head with the same request. He was having all seats around in that box except seat no. 25 ( That is mine).

I was arguing with him to wait as I couldn’t decide whether It was a good idea or bad. I was in a dilemma because I got the window seat ( Who likes to leave the window seat and goes four bogeys backward). I hesitate of saying ‘No’ to him, that’s why I was making different excuses. He was continuously trying to persuade me for accepting his demand. Suddenly a young woman interrupted our conversation. She said those valuable words to me, “If you don’t want to change the seat, then say clearly ‘No’. The seat is yours, It’s all about your wish whether you want to shift or not.” Remarkably and eloquently, those words were truly meaningful.

Literally, we hesitate too much to say what we really want in our lives. We make so many excuses instead of saying ‘No’ directly to others. In order to be compassionate and show empathy towards others, we shouldn’t be too harsh to ourselves. It doesn’t mean we lose compassion and empathy but It is strictly limited to needy ones only. Except for needy ones, all choice is yours whether you want to help him/her by sacrificing your comfort. If you want to say ‘No’ to someone even if the person is your best friend, then say politely ‘No’ to him/her. If the person is mature and wise, he/she respects your choice and will. Now on whenever you want to reject someone’s demand and wish, say directly ‘No’ without any hesitation. It’s very important for the peace and tranquility of the mind.

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Hello everyone, This is Varun Yadav. I live in India, working as a freelance writer. My niche includes Business, Technology, Environment and human interest.

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Varun Yadav

Varun Yadav

Hello everyone, This is Varun Yadav. I live in India, working as a freelance writer. My niche includes Business, Technology, Environment and human interest.

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